Shadow-mask power supply delivered

Shadow-mask power supply delivered

T o u c h - L e D deal A touch-sensitive flat-screen LCD, manufactured by the Kiel Corporation of Japan, is to be distributed in the UK b y Regisbrook...

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T o u c h - L e D deal A touch-sensitive flat-screen LCD, manufactured by the Kiel Corporation of Japan, is to be distributed in the UK b y Regisbrook. The device is the first result of a recently-signed distribution agreement between the two companies. The display combines a screen and a k e y b o a r d function into a single unit with overall meamu'ements of just 106 x 250 ram. Forty touch-sensitive zones are located belund a 64 x 240 dot matrix or 8 row x 40 character LCD, allowing each zone a message area of 16 rows × 24 columns. Touch-sensitive zones can be p r o g r a m m e d in groups behind larger instructions or information displays. The module also contains its own circuitry for refreshing the display and scanning the touch glass. The 40 12.8 × 19.9. mm touchsensitive areas are constantly

Kiel's touch-LCD panel is distributed b y Regisbrook scanned. The location of any detected contact is stored in a touch-read register. Three further addressable registers - - control, LCD-write and LCD-read - complete the control system. The device has sufficient touchsensitive zones to provide a full Owerty k e y b o a r d or any special

Slmdow-zmmk power supply denvered A p o w e r supply specifically for use with military shadow-mask cathode ray tubes has b e e n developed b y B r m d e a b u r g and delivered to Racal Radar Defence systenw. The AD141, which is intended for use in a shipborne radar system, offers output voltages of up to 28 kV at 1 mA. Outputs include integral focus, dynamic focus and b ~ control. The unit has succemfuny r m N d through military shock, vibration and temperature tests and is showing typical tmnperature coefficients better titan 80 ppm. The AD141 is the second CRT supply p r o d u c e d to full military specifications b y Brandenburg since entering the market in 1888.


It is the first of a range of military shadow-mask supplies, and the m a n ~ c t u r e r expects it to be used on a number of future Racal radar d=plays. Brandenburg Lindted, 939

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US tests prove glass Tests in the USA on a type of glass, specially developed to reduce glare on VDU screens and TV monitors, have p r o v e d v e r y SUCCeSSful.

The tests, carried out by Turner Broadcasting, the largest US

configuration required. Kiel's touch-LCD requires a standard 5 V supply and dissipates SO mW. Electrolurninescent bacldighting is offered as an optional extra.

Recj~rook L~, Unit s Horseshoe Park, Pangbourne, Berlin, UK. Tel: (07367) 4841, Telex: 8490]3


broadcasting system, have shown that the glass, marketed as Ultraguard in the UK, can significantly reduce glare and subsequent eyestrain for operators, enhance contrast, and can cut out 99% p e r cent of ultraviolet radiation. Ultraguard is already in wide use on VDU screens in offices throughout the UK, where the glass is manufactured in sizes that are easily clipped on to established monitors. Rankim Glass, the manufacturer, produces the glass to order for larger projects. The glass has already b e e n fully tested by the National Radiological Protection Board and the Scientific and Industrial Research Association.


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