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Professional The Third Mid-Atlantic News States Seminar Items in Oral Medicine The Postgraduate Courses of the School of Dentistry of the Universit...

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Professional The Third Mid-Atlantic

News States Seminar

Items in Oral Medicine

The Postgraduate Courses of the School of Dentistry of the University of Pennsylvania is offering the Third Mid-Atlantic States Seminar in Oral Medicine at Skytop Club The general theme in Pennsylvania’s famous Pocono Mountains, on May 11 to 16, 1952. of the third seminar is concerned with the anatomy, function, and efficiency of the masticatory apparatus and the application of this knowledge to clinical problems. An authoritative Faculty has been selected and the contribution of each participant has’ been integrated for the most effective presentation. The clinicians include Dr. Oscar V. Batson on an anatomic review of the muscles of Dr. William Branstad on diagnosis and treatmastication and the temporomandibular joint; ment of minor abormalities of the temporomandibular joint; Dr. Henry M. Goldman on application of the knowledge of abnormalities of the chewing apparatus as a cause of periodontal disease; Dr. Ernest R. Granger on recording condylar path and centric relation; the significance of this information in restorative and prosthetic dentistry; Dr. Richard S. Manly on the efficiency of the chewing apparatus; and Dr. Robert E. Moyers on relation of abnormalities of the chewing apparatus to orthodontic problems. Attendance for participation is limited to members in good standing of the A.D.A., The fee for this seminar, including registration, A.M.A., or similar or comparable groups. Veterans who can furnish a satisfactory Certificate lodging, and meals for five days is $250. of Eligibility and Entitlement will receive a credit of $150 toward the total fee. Enrollment is limited. Applications will be accepted in the order they are received. For further information write Dr. Lester W. Burket, Director, Postgraduate Courses, School of Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania, 4001 Spruce St., Philadelphia 4, Pa.

Dental Division,

Army Medical

Service Graduate


The Dental Division, Army Medical Service Graduate School, will be host to Committees on Classification and Nomenclature of Periodontal Disease of the American Academy of Periodontology and the American Academy of Oral Pathology. The two committees working on the same problem will meet in separate and joint sessions on October 7 and 8 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Colonel Joseph L. Bernier, DC, Chief, Registry of Dental and Oral Pathology, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, is General Chairman and will preside at general sessions. Major General George E. Armstrong, MC, Surgeon General of the Army, assisted by Mrs. Neal A. Harper, pinned stars on the shoulders of Brigadier General Neal A. Harper, DC, on Sept. 19, 1951, in the office of Major General Paul H. Streit, MC, Commanding General, Walter Reed Army Medical Center. General Armstrong paid compliment to the newly created General by commenting on his achievements as a dental officer. General Harper is a graduate of the School of Dentistry, St. Louis University, and in addition to his dental degree has had the degrees of LL.B., LL.M., M.P.L., B.A., and M.S. conferred upon him. He is also a graduate of the Dewey School of Orthodontia, the Medical Field Service School (Advanced Course), the Army Dental School (Advanced Course) Command and General Staff College. General Harper served as Director of the Department of Dental Field Service, Medical Field Service School, Carlisle Barracks, as Staff Officer, Headquarters Third Army, Chief of Dental Service, 98th General Hospital, European Command, and is currently Chief of Dental Service, Walter Reed Army Hospital. General and Mrs. Harper have one daughter, a bacteriologist at the Army Medical Service Graduate School, and three sons all of whom are on active duty in the Army. 1475





A number of dental officers as~ignetl to W’alter Reed Army 1,lcdieal Ceutor will parin the activit,ies of the American Imntal Association during the Ninety-Second Session of the association being IreIt in W’ashirrgton, D. (‘., October 15-1X. Brigadier General Oscar 1’. Snyder, IX’. t)irector of Dental Activities, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, will preside and speak at :I luncheon honoring Dr. Homer (!. Brown. the oldest living past president of the Arsociatiotr, ou October 15. A fiftieth anniversary luncheon honoring the 1Jnited Slates Army Dental Corps, The National Bureau of Standards, ant1 the Grorgrtown 1Jniversity School of Dentistry will be held on October 16. Walter Reed Army Medical Center is ant’ of the locat,ions io be visited by members of the American Dental Association on October 15 when on a tour of Federal Government Dental Agencies. in memorial services at the Tomb of the Unknown Dental officers will participate Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery on October 16. Participating in the scientific program, Colonel Lynn C. Dirksen, DC, Commanding Officer, Central Dental Laboratory, WaRer Reetl Army Mctliral Center, Tvill he a dixcusse: ii1 a symposium on plastic teeth. Brigadier General Neal A. Harper, DC, (:hief of Dental Service, Walter Reed Army Hospital, has been appointed to represent the Army as a delegate in the House of Delegates of the American Dental Association. (‘olonel John 8. Oartel, DC, Bssistant Director, Dental Division, Army Medical Service Graduate School, has been elected as a delegate of t,he Pennsylvania State Dental Society of which he is a former president. ticipate Annual

JOHN S. GbRTEI. 7 Colonel, DC, Assistant Director, Dental Division.

New York University College of Dentistry Extensive in Periodontia and Oral Medicine


The one-year include

Periodontia Department of New York University College of Dentistry offers a full-time and a two-year half-time course in periodontia and oral medicine which adequate training in all phases of the subject including ample practical application.

Those interested may apply to the Chairman of the Postgraduate University College of Dentistry. 209 East 23rd St., New York 10, N. Y.







The 1951.1952 campaign for contributions to the American Dental Association Relief was officially launched throughout the uation on October 15 with the mailing of the A.D.A. Relief Seals to all members of the dental pofession. Because of the increasing amount of relief which must be provided for needy dentists, the A.D.A. Council on Relief is asking every dentist to be even more generous this year in his contribution to the Relief Fund. Each contribution will be utilized to help those dentists who, because of illness or other unforeseen disaster, are unable to provide the bare necessities for their families and themselves. This year, more than ever, the generosity of the dental profession is needed, Dr. LeRoy M. Ennis, Association president, declared as he asked the help of every member of the A.D.A. in making this year’~ fund drive a success. Fund