Power supply software

Power supply software

BASF INTERMEDIATES output channels to one centralized storage facility. Using a Novell network operating system, plating workrunning DynaComm are sta...

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INTERMEDIATES output channels to one centralized storage facility. Using a Novell network operating system, plating workrunning DynaComm are stations linked to a network file server, which stores all datalogging records as well as process recipes. The passwordprotected files can be accessed from any workstation on the network for browsing, sorting, or printing to insure the most consistent plating process possible. The basic DynaLAN system is equipped with 486-DX33 personal computers featuring 4 MB of RAM, although stations can use any IBM compatible PC. The Local Area Network (LAN) is lOBase T Ethernet using Intel EtherExpress LAN adapters and the Novell Netware 3.1 operating system.

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NM/? For all the right reasons. N-Methylpyrrolidone H NMP is non-ozone layer depleting w NMP has a low toxicity profile, high flash point and low volatility. w NMP’s low volatility reduces VOCs; its 100% biodegradability and water miscibility make it easier on the environment. ??NMP is economical: low volatility means a reduction in your total solvent volume. Its reuse through recycling is another saving. H NMP is an ideal replacement for chlorinated solvents used in degreasing, paint stripping and general cleanup. ??NMP is easy to use. BASF -The



source of NMP.

Grinding and Polishing Equipment

Paul H. Gesswein and Co. Inc. Bridgeport, Corm.

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Gesswein’s Supra Ceramic Stones are excellent for fracture-free grinding and incomparable polishing ability in detail areas, narrow slots, and ribs. A unique combination of long ceramic fibers and thermoset resin, Supra Ceramic Stones have superior tensile strength and flexibility. Available in sizes to 0.8-mm (0.03-in.) thick, these


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through which the media falls into the tub for reuse. The OR- 16VLR operates at variable speeds with vibration frequency of SOO-1,400 cycles per minute. An automatic lubrication system lubricates the two vibrator bearings, assures failsafe protection against low air pressure or low grease level, and monitors grease flow to each bearing. Circle 414 on reader information card

A major time- and labor-saving feature of the unit is Almco’s automatic internal separator. The device allows timed discharge of parts without operator involvement and includes a bottommounted pivoting dam that directs parts and media across a screen 70

Power Supply Software

Dynafronix Inc. Amery, Wise. Working in conjunction with DynaComm and DynaNet process and power supply control software, the DynaLAN system links up to 220

stones can be ground even thinner or shaped to a fine point and will not break or dull even under the most strenuous conditions. The stones can be used as a grinding tool in a rotary handpiece and for polishing operations with mechanical profilers, by hand, or in the Ultramax ultrasonic polisher. Supra Ceramic Stones efficiently remove EDM scale and leave a consistent, uniform finish on all metals, silicon, magnetic materials, and plastics. Circle 416 on reader information card



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