Modular power supply

Modular power supply

TOOLS & TECHNIQUES UPDATE Positioner scales height Autosampler has flare Mad City Labs’ Nano-Z500 piezodriven nanopositioner allows high-throughput...

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Positioner scales height

Autosampler has flare

Mad City Labs’ Nano-Z500 piezodriven nanopositioner allows high-throughput single-cell fluorescence microscopy and fast, high-resolution confocal imaging while adjusting z-axis height to remove effects of multiwell plate irregularities. Flexure-guided motion and internal sensors provide closed-loop positioning resolution of <3 nm over the 500 µm travel range. A 15 ms step response allows the z-section to be acquired quickly with minimal photobleaching. Multiframe images of kinetic events can be recorded in fractions of a second. Using the Nano-Drive™ controller, commands may be analog or digital. Contact:

The SSC-230 autosampler for Hitachi HighTechnologies’ Z-2300 flame-only atomic absorption spectrophotometer has racks that hold either 80 x 15 mm or 56 x 18 mm diameter test tubes. A 50 tube rack is also available for flame emission photometry. Random access autosampling cuts measurement times and minimizes sample consumption. Random access can be set for each analyte element, allowing automatic measurement of multiple elements. On completion, the burner chamber is cleaned and the flame turned off automatically.

LED-lit pole stand Meiji Techno has launched the PKL pole stand for stereomicroscopes, providing a very bright, even transmitted light source with a high color temperature. The PKL is ergonomically designed to provide an extended working distance with an ‘F’ focusing holder and transmitted and incident light-emitting diode illumination. The stand is supplied with dual variable intensity controls, a glass stage plate, and stage clips. Contact:

Enhanced-spec photometry The new Evolution 600 UV-Vis spectrophotometer from Thermo Electron features improvements over the Evolution 500 in dynamic range, resolution, wavelength accuracy, and photometric noise. Accessories for analyzing solid samples include Diffuse Reflectance and VN Absolute Specular Reflectance. VISIONpro software for general research and quality control has been improved for material science and life science analyses. VISIONlife adds the ability to monitor and calculate reaction kinetics and perform DNA melting experiments. A Smart Accessory feature provides autorecognition, smart alignment, and serial number identification for increased productivity. Contact:

Modulated LED source HORIBA Jobin Yvon has launched ‘plug-and-play’ modulated light-emitting diode (LED) sources (including all cables and electronics) for its Fluorolog® Tau-2 and Tau-3 frequency-domain lifetime spectrofluorometers. Intensity is up to five times that of the standard system’s Xe arc lamp plus Pockels cell, and the depth of modulation is far greater (sine-wave modulation frequency is 500 Hz-320 MHz). Sources are available with collimated or focused beams. Three wavelengths are offered (280 nm, 295 nm, and 365 nm).

Modular power supply Kurt J. Lesker Company’s new M.A.P.S. power supply for applications involving heating and evaporation in a vacuum environment has a modular design that can be configured for outputs up to 8 kW. Models include: the HTR for process heating; the EVP for basic thermal evaporation; the HTE for hightemperature evaporation; and the LTE for low-temperature evaporation. Contact:

Temperature sensing By monitoring the absorption edge (which is directly related to the temperature-dependent band gap), k-Space Associate’s GaN BandiT system enables direct temperature measurement of GaN and SiC to 1300°C. The system is not affected by changing viewport transmission, stray infrared light sources, reactor maintenance, or system emissivity changes. Configurations are available for most commercial metalorganic chemical vapor deposition and molecular beam epitaxy systems. Contact:


Dual-beam spectrophotometry


McPherson’s VUVaS vacuum ultraviolet (115-380 nm) spectrophotometer includes a vacuum-compatible dual-beam system that simultaneously collects sample and reference spectra. Individual spectral or ratio results are displayed during acquisition. Detector angles of 10-180° allow scatter, reflectance, or transmittance measurements, and sample angles can be set at 0-89°, allowing analysis of irregular or diffractive samples. Standard units accept either five 1” diameter samples or three 2” x 2” samples. Custom mounts can accommodate 6” diameter wafers and other samples (crystalline cubes, etc.). Interactive computer control of wavelength scans and data acquisition enables easy use.

Multiple-spectrometer software



SpectraSuite from Ocean Optics is modular, Java-based software for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems that can manage multiple USB spectrometers in multiple windows, and give graphical and numerical representation for each. Data can be combined in applications including upwelling/downwelling measurements, dual-beam referencing, and process monitoring. Each function can be altered or replaced separately. Modules can be added or deleted to create a proprietary user interface or functionality; create modules to perform calculations; and automate experiment routines.