Digital power supply

Digital power supply

Power Supplies Additional free information on any of these items can be obtained by circling the appropriate number on the reader service card. POWER...

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Power Supplies Additional free information on any of these items can be obtained by circling the appropriate number on the reader service card.



SIFCO Selective Plating, Cleveland

Precision Process Equipment

The DALIPACK lo/45 Power Pack was specially developed for selective anodizing. It provides up to 10 A DC at 0 to 45 V. The unique feature of this power pack i$ its ability to operate at either constant current or constant voltage. This flexibility isimportant in selective anodizing because some processes, such as chromic anodizing, are better utilized at constant voltage. Other processes, such as hard coating, are better done at constant current with a voltage limit to prevent burning.

l’he PS-2-1OA switch-mode power supply is spe:ially designed to regulate current or voltage for tight-tolerance processes. The unit delivers up to 10 A at 20 V DC with current programmable in 3.001-A increments. The controller can be programmed and used as a stand-alone device or can be operated remotely through the serial communication port (RS 422/RS 485) in a multiaxis environment. A user-programmable feature to detect and alarm abnormal voltage variations in the process is standard.

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Inc., Niagara Falls, N.Y.

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Controlled Power Co., Troy, Mich.

Rectifiers & Plating Equipment

Designed to improve quality and increase testsample efficiency, Controlled Power’s portable rectifier is especially valuable for safely diagnosing paint finish problems. Having the same electrical design as a large plant-floor rectifier, this portable unit uses 120-VAC input to provide 0- to 400-VDC output at 4 A. Features include simple start/stop control, adjustable cycle timer, and electronically controlled regulation with ripple filtering. The unit’s small footprint allows for bench-top, rackmount, or vertical operation.

Rectifiers & Plating Equipment Ltd. (RPE) specializes in the design and manufacture of electroplating equipment, specifically rectifiers for the metal-finishing industry. RPE manufactures SCR-controlled rectifiers with DC output ranging from 5 to 30,000 A and 6 to 250 V. Features include automatic voltage control with current limit, automatic current control with voltage limit, and average current density with current control. Variable-transformer and tap-switch-controlled rectifiers are also available.

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Ltd., Rexdale, Ont.

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